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fishint is a streamlined application that combines real time weather and water data, personal fishing experiences, and analytics to help you become a more intelligent angler.

The features:

  • Provides access to the most accurate weather and water data specific to your fishing location.
  • Allows you to plot every fish you catch or observe.
  • Map filters allow you to select which features matter most for your fishery.
  • Offers 14 elements (tides, winds, pressure, and more) to filter your catch and observation data.
  • "Reel Time" analytics allows you to automatically filter your data to help you make a more intelligent decision about where to fish.
  • Keeps your data private - there's no sharing of spots or information.
  • Increases its value with every fish you log. The more fish you plot, the more useful the app becomes.

The ability to automatically capture, easily review, and quickly analyze a wide variety of data will enhance your fishing experience every time you fish. fishint gives you one of the most effective advantages—knowledge. Next time you go fishing...Fish. Intelligent.

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Weather and Water
Conditions—All in
One Place

fishint’s weather center provides all of the important location-specific weather and water conditions in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Catch the Data
from Nearby Sensor

fishint captures real time weather and water information the moment you log a fish by utilizing automatic data collection from the nearest, most accurate sensor networks.

Plan Your Trip
by Filtering Your

fishint allows you to filter catch data by weather and water conditions, fish species, bait types, and more to create a game plan for future outings.